Internet News - In Brief


- Gabonese internet service provider (ISP) Internet Gabon has launched its ‘Triple Net’ project, a partnership between itself, the European Satellite Company (SES) and Hughes Advantage, that aims to expand internet access and satellite TV to rural areas of Gabon, reports Africa Info. The trio intend to expand the USD12 million project to rural areas throughout francophone southern Africa. Internet Gabon claims to have already installed VSAT equipment to 500 sites, and set up 50 wireless in the local loop (WiLL) towers. The ISP added that the ‘Triple Net’ project would allow it reduce prices for end users, whilst it would endeavour to ensure that installation and delivery were very simple.

- The 2012 West Africa Internet Governance Forum recently discussed how an Internet exchange point (IXP) created five years ago in Cote d’Ivoire could be made operational once again. The IXP began in 2007 as Internet traffic (mainly via the SAT3 cable) started to increase. Wholesale bandwidth costs were extremely high (2Mbps sold for US$4,000) and the hope was that peering of bandwidth could reduce access costs for everyone. Eight ISPs signed up for the IXP, but due to low local traffic (in July 2007, Aviso was peaking around 1.6Mbps inbound), the project was put on hold in 2009.