Telecoms Rates, Offers and Coverage

Telecoms, Rates, Offers and Coverage

- Airtel Tanzania has launched its cash transfer promotion drive which enables subscribers to send or receive money free of charge. The firm has also introduced a short code to access Airtel money menu to facilitate easy access to users by dialing *150*60#.
Airtel has decided to introduce the short code to support customers with different types of handset to access the Airtel money Menu easily. Airtel Money service allows customers to pay utility bills, goods and services.

 - MTN South Africa has with reduced its data rates as the country’s operators fight for a piece of the piece of the data market in the country. With immediate effect 500MB data bundle will retail at at R49 from a previous high of R189 (Ksh 1,900) monthly in a two year contract. The offer is bundled with a 14.4Mbps MTN F@stlink E352 modem.
This is competitive considering that the same bundle of 500 meg goes for R 149(Ksh 1,500) and R69 (Ksh 700) at Cell C while 8ta has only a 650MB data bundle which retails at R150 (1,500) per month. South Africa has close to 30 million mobile subscribers.

- Airtel Nigeria unveiled a special Ramadan offer for its customers who subscribe to the Voice Islamic Content through the Ramadan season.The subscribed customers will receive daily voice wakeup call service at NGN 0.15/sec as well as tips on Hajj preparation and daily Jummah sermons at a cost of NGN 50 each week. In addition they receive exclusive SMS messages on Douaa, Holy Quran, Hadith and Biography of the Prophet at a cost of NGN 50 per week. They can also take advantage of the Airtel Hello Tunes by downloading or purchasing Islamic tunes or prayers.Exclusive content, including includes wallpapers and videos, for mobile data users on are also available and downloadable.Various data plans are available including the special 786 plan giving 125MB for N786. To subscribe to these packages, customers have to dial *786# on their mobile phones.

- Globacom, has re-launched its dynamic tariff plan, Glo Flexi, to give subscribers on the Glo network a discount of up to 40 per cent on calls made to other networks, in addition to the existing discount of up to 99 per cent on Glo-to-Glo calls. Subscribers on the Glo Flexi plan can also enjoy up to 200 per cent bonus on recharges made on their phones.

- South Africa’s Vodacom, a mobile service provider, has unveiled a handset specially designed for the elderly.The new handset, named Vodafone 155, is affordable and will help the elderly communicate better, says the company.It is suitable for customers with low vision, hearing loss or limited dexterity since for the elderly, reading a text from a mobile phone screen can become hard in the event of loss of sight.

- Out of 53 African countries, 36 countries more than doubled their Opera Mini user base in one year. Last year, Libya grew the most in every category of Opera mini usage, including users page views and data consumption.Across Africa, data growth seems to outpace page view growth, a good example would be Cote d'ivoire with an increase of 760 percent in data use and an increase of 744 percent in page views, meaning African users are browsing larger pages  and likely using more advanced sites.

- Rwanda’s government has issued a directive calling for registration of SIM cards electronically, even as the country aims to beat the mid-2012 deadline to have all Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) cards in East Africa registered.