Ugandan government to implement cloud computing


The Uganda government is planning to implement cloud computing in order for its citizens to attain access to information on government ministries, agencies and departments

NITA-U (National Information Technology Authority) has been driving the initiative in Uganda and said that the technology would provide more affordability, security, features and accessibility of information across a number of Internet-enabled devices.

James Saaka, executive director of NITA-U, said, “The technology supports infrastructure sharing and access to information, which is a key to development.

“Once this is implemented, any citizen can access information about the government and departments at any given time.”

Sector experts have said that as the government moved into e-governance, it could do away with paperwork, which was riskier than other modes of information storage.

It remained unclear how much the service would cost, but other state departments such as Uganda’s Revenue Authority have already implemented cloud computing. The department launched an e-tax system for taxpayers to make use of the Internet to apply for any type of license.