Internet Monopoly by "Algerie Telecom" behind Algeria's Internet Underdevelopment


Private companies called upon the government to intervene for the liberalisation of the national fibre network and the  international landing station that is still an Algerie Telecom monopoly.

Heads of private companies specialized in providing Internet services, said they suggested the establishment of an independent company that is specialized in the management of the national network of fiber optics, and the national infrastructure for communications, as is the case in all countries of the world, in order to put an end to the negative monopoly of the network by Algérie Telecom, which completely failed to develop online services in  Algeria and to develope the local and international sources of internet.

An official report, obtained by Echorouk, shows that Algerie Telecom has failed to market more than 30 thousand new sources of rapid Internet, since it launched in 2009 an IT hardware for Multiple Service Access Nodes (MSAN), of the total first share estimated at 400 thousand point of sources that was supposed to solve the problems of Internet connection per final km linking the customers, including companies, individuals, and centers of high fast Internet connection with the MSAN.

The same report noted that the first and final problem lies in the inability of "Algerie Telecom" to develop a comprehensive national plan with clear and defined goals, and a transparent vision of how to exploit the national network of fiber optics optimally in raising the capacity and speed of running out the domestic and international Internet, as it also fails to establish new investments in the field of building centers of the same quality servers located in Europe and America, that are sold at acceptable prices to customers and Algerian companies, which dragged in its continuing application of recent high prices with poor services to its customers, which include companies and individuals.

The report added; "Algerie Telecom" will continue the monopoly on running out to the international internet, as it strictly prohibited all dealers in the area of Internet, to access to internet without going via the submarine cables connecting Algeria with abroad through France or Italy, and Spain, in which Algeria is a contributor and   can ask the expansion of the required speed capacity to the speed the customers need.

The price to access to the international internet that imposed by "Algerie Telecom" is expoited in a monopolized manner contrary to the law, as it sells a domain of strong transit of 622 megabits per second, known as "STM 4" with 72.000 Euros, equivalent to 720.000 ZDZ, which is almost 5 times the price of the same service of international Internet service providers like "France Telecom" or "British Telecom" which provide the same service for 12 to 14.000 Euros, equivalent to 120 to 140.000 ZDZ, while "Algerie Telecom" sells quick transit capacity of 155 megabits known as "STM1" at a price ranging between 420 and 585.000 ZDZ, which means that "Algerie Telecom" holds an abnormal monopoly and sells Internet with loss then forces all internet providing companies in Algeria, to work with the loss and more serious than that, it monopolizes the fiber optics network.

The price of one megabits for a capacity transit of 155 Megabits known as "STM1" reaches on average 37.000 and 741.000 ZDZ, and when it is sold to companies it can not sell 1 Megabits for more than 5 companies in order to provided an acceptable quality of service, and it can not sell 1 Megabits for more than 20 individuals to ensure the lower limit of quality.

Officials in charge of telecommunications sector in Algeria are lagging in the development of the service in spite of the criticisms made by the President Bouteflika, directly during his visit to the center of the development of space technology in Arziew and in Oran (western Algeria), as he addressed the Secretary of the sector directly saying that Algeria is very backward in the field of Internet, but the official did not move as if he is not concerned with this matter.

Figures by Algerie Telecom show, that the poor quality of Internet connectivity due mainly to selling 1 Megabits to more than 40 or 50 families at the same time, and this causes a major online blockage, which is in theory like a highway for the sailing of subscribers on the Internet, and the more the number of internauts on the same road (virtually) the crowds which is reflected in this case to the weak force of sailing, is expressed by citizens by protesting at the level of "Actel" agencies of Algerie Telecom, as some customers wonder why they sell one megabyte, but get only 200 Kilobits, and the reason as it is known is that Algerie Telecom sells the same mega for more than 40 individuals, and it becomes impossible to provide a quality service, even though the company is available on very large transit speed that allows it to provide better service quality to its customers, but it does not want to do that!