New online initiative allows Egypt to report power cuts

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A new online initiative has been created to assist Egyptians in reporting and monitoring electricity cuts throughout the country.

The website, which translates as “Your Electricity” hopes to give Egypt the ability to report any power outages in their area, as well as reporting violations or “unreasonable power usage,” including light poles being on during the daytime.

“Egypt has been suffering from power cuts … and Kahrabtak is hoping to help the citizens, not in necessarily finding a solution, but rather the source of the problem,” the new initiative said.

It is the same group of activists who established the website that monitors the president’s efforts and achievements during his first 100 days as Egypt’s elected leader.

“We are a bunch of young people, interested in technology and in the process of collecting and distributing information, without any political affiliation or direction,” Amr Sobhy, one of the team’s founding members, explained.

The website, Facebook group, Twitter hashtag and application of Kahrabtak were launched on August 12, as power shortages began to become a regular occurrence across Egypt.

As of last week, the group had over 1,000 members and it is gaining momentum as the electricity crisis continues to hit Egypt.