Mascom launches 3G Offering in Botswana


The battle for the small but lucrative mobile business market is set to intensify after Mascom boasted it now had the capacity for "the fastest mobile broadband in Botswana" - the 3G and 3.5G technology, which it launched last week. But the same designation was claimed by Mascom's rival, Orange, when it launched its Livebox recently.

It claims its service has speeds of up to 1.8 megabits per second for mobile Internet and data connection. The company's Chief Operations Officer, Richard Luz, said at a press briefing that Mascom had invested P50 million to bring the technology to Botswana and that it will initially cover Greater Gaborone. For now, the rest of the country will use the existing GPRS/EDGE technology. "We will expand to Francistown in the next few months and later stretch to other urban areas," Luz said.

With this technology, Botswana becomes one of growing number of countries in Africa with high speed HSDPA network infrastructure."This new technology will enable our customers to surf the worldwide web in a smooth and user-friendly way through broadband high speed connectivity," Luz said. While he was reluctant to specify the consumer price, Luz said Mascom had developed a price portfolio that will decisively contribute to the democratisation of Broadband Internet access in Botswana.

Mmegi/The Reporter