Sudan: Twitter Activist Released After Two Months in Detention

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The Sudanese National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) launched a heavy-handed campaign in mid-June 2012, arresting thousands of protesters, activists, political party members and leaders and even law-abiding citizens from protest sites, universities, public places and in many cases people’s homes, following anti-regime protests.

However, once the protests calmed down over two months, the NISS began releasing detainees; August 17 marked the largest number of detainees released.

Among those released is Twitter activist Usamah Mohamed Ali who was arrested from the scene of a protest in Khartoum on June 22.

A month into Usamah’s arrest, Mimz wrote a blog post highlighting his detention.

A day after his release, he tweeted a mere two words but confirmed to his followers that he had been released:

 @simsimt: Struggle continues.