Computer Murder


- The police in Namibia’s Omusati Region are investigating a case of murder after a 82-year-old woman, Lovisa Shikongo from Uukwandongo village near Okahao, was killed over a missing computer memory stick on Friday. Omusati Police Commissioner Shinedima Shindinge said the police were told that a 19-year-old man left the memory stick at Shikongo's cuca shop for safekeeping. When he returned to collect it, he was told that another young man had taken it with him. When the other young man returned and denied taking the gadget, the suspect started searching the shop. Shikongo was not happy with that and allegedly slapped the suspect, who then started beating her with his fist. Shikongo collapsed and died on the spot. Shindinge said the suspect was arrested and was expected to appear in the Outapi Magistrate's Court.