Software Stakeholders Form Association in Uganda


ICT Cluster, an association of software stakeholders, is to help members regulate and develop the industry. Charles Basajja, the executive facilitator of ICT Cluster, said the group unites people from the Government, academia and private sector.

"It is a think-tank that spurs collaboration while stimulating competition among players," he said during the launch at Kati Kati Restaurant in Kampala. Basajja said a successful cluster network would transfer software as a primary controller of the economy to a catalyst of growth.

"It brings together stakeholders to share resources, come up with capacity building programmes and share contracts in order to bring changes in the market. This will in turn create customer satisfaction, lead to innovation and growth," he added.

John Musajjakawa a senior investment executive with the Uganda Investment Authority said the Government was committed to supporting initiatives that bring togetherness and create independence. He said companies have failed because they lack togetherness.

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