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IBM’s Global Entrepreneur Program launches to back startups in SA

This year the IBM Global Entrepreneur has expanded the SmartCamp initiative to new geographies, putting South Africa on the map.
The firm has also introduced a new kind of focused event series dubbed “IBM SmartCamp KickStart events.” These are one- or two-day events similar to SmartCamps with a focus on giving worldclass mentorship to startups.

Finalists from each KickStart location proceed to the SmartCamp regional competition.
Following this development, startups in South Africa aged five or younger have been given an opportunity to apply to the IBM Global Entrepreneur Programfor the first time.
IBM  will use the SmartCamp in South Africa to identify early stage ventures in line with its Smarter Planet vision just as it does in such events it holds around the world.
In 2010 and 2011, IBM says it held seventeen SmartCamp events with five finalists selected from each location to network with 25 world-class entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts.

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