Sudan - ANHRI Condemns the Blocking of 'Youtube' By the Sudanese Authorities

Digital Content

ANHRI condemns the blocking of the "You Tube" by the Sudanese authorities without giving reasons of why "National Authority of Communication" blocked it.

On September 16, 2012 the Sudanese Ministry of Communication had blocked "You Tube" from the Internet without reasons and without details, which met by strong condemns from several journalists and activists, who tried to call the national communication authority (which blocked You Tube), but they did not provide them with any information.

Some analysts view that the reason of blocking is the role played by "You Tube" to support the communication between the rebellion movements and also provides media support to them. The Sudanese authorities did not provide any reasons or details related to the blocking.

Therefore, Sudan is now joined to the list of the countries that blocked "You Tube" for the second time and for the fourth time since its establishment which is "Syria, India, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey".

ANHRI said that "blocking You Tube and forbidding the Sudanese citizens from following the current events and blocking of transferring the news outside Sudan is a clear violations to the freedom of expression and opinion and to the right to information access and exchange".

ANHRI added that "blocking You Tube is a methodological continuation by the regime which used to suppressing the freedom of opinion and expression and blocking any news related to the anger demonstration movements that calls for democracy".

ANHRI mentioned that "the mechanism of suppressing and blocking used by all of the suppressive regimes, especially in the Arab regime. It calls all the concerned parties and the activists to support the freedom of opinion, expression and Internet. Moreover, it calls them to continue protest against the blocking of You Tube until it is unblocked as it is one of the most important independent platforms supporting democracy in Sudan".