MozMed, the virtual platform of health in Mozambique


MozMed is a virtual platform covering all aspects of health, that has recently been launched in Mozambique (August 2012). The platform offers the possibility to ask questions via Internet ( and mobile (6640), start conversations and discussions and receive valuable answers from both from other users of the platform and health experts in corresponding areas of health.

MozMed is officially supported by the Ministry of Health and the Mozambique Red Cross. Those institutions, as well as other NGOs, local and international organizations, provide experts in their areas of specialization (sexual and reproductive health, dermatology, oncology, general practice, etc.). 

The platform will act as a meeting point between individuals interested in getting answers to questions related to all aspects of health. The platform will also function as an early warning system, in that the users can use it to be informed (via their mobile phones) if a question has already been answered, commented or voted on.

Mozambique is one of the ten countries in the world with the highest rate of HIV prevalence, with an average of 11.5% of the population living with the disease, according to data from UNAIDS. Malaria and other dangerous diseases are also present in the country, which makes the platform MozMed even more relevant in the local context. Only about 17% of the Mozambicans have access to sanitary facilities, according to UNICEF figures. Furthermore, data from WHO and UNICEF show that there is a great demand for various types of health information, especially about sexual and reproductive health.

This health forum platform is already running on Internet and offers access codes to the experts who provide answers. It records and stores all questions, responses and discussions, which will remain available for any further reference by anyone interested. To participate in the forum, one needs to register with MozMed. The process is simple and fast. Simply go to and click "login" and then connect up or register according to the instructions.