Computer News - In Brief


- The International Air Transport Association has recognised the role played by Kenya Airways in promoting the uptake of e-ticketing by airlines within the region. Award plaque engraved "100 per cent ET is now a reality. IATA, the world's airline industry regulator gave the national carrier a Last Paper Award plaque engraved "100 per cent ET is now a reality. Thank you for helping us make history."

- Students and educators in Rwanda can now access course materials from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States (US) through its Open Course Ware hosted online by the National University of Rwanda (NUR).

- The Microsoft Corporation has formed an alliance with the USAID to provide the Ministry of Education with critical information and communication tools to help it gather more broad and accurate data in the education sector, to facilitate easy policy formulation and implementation. In the meantime, the Technology Support Centre (TSC) will collaborate with Intel Corporation, the largest semiconductor makers, to computerise learning in 200 Nigerian schools.

- The Algerian Government is set to introduce a new national biometric identity card and a national electronic register of acts of civil status will be developed in the next five years. “All the financial, material and human resources will be provided to ensure the success of the initiative which will endow the country with a key-modern tool in the improvement of public service," President Bouteflika, the Head of State added.

- The South Africa Department of Education has launched a new system aimed at tracking the movements of pupils from school to school. The national Learner Unit Record Information and Tracking System (LURITS) will assign each pupil a unique tracking number that will remain with the pupil throughout his or her school career, giving school officials accurate learner enrollment data, said Minister of Education Naledi Pandor.

- The National Agency for Computer Security (NACS) of Tunisia announced its adhesion to the United Nations' Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)'s Network of Centres of Excellence.

- Omatek Computers Ghana in partnership with government has launched its e-xpress consumer initiative to make computer acquisition easy and affordable. Under the scheme, civil servants, corporate executives, organisations, educational institution and students would be able to acquire computers within 12 to 24 months through a structured payment plan with partnering banks.