Computer News - In Brief


- Sasa Africa, one of DEMO Africa’s 2012 top five startups, has launched an e-commerce platform to connect offline artisans to buyers online using feature phones. The founders say they saw the need to promote African artefacts such as necklaces, bangles and other jewellery manufactured by locals and sell them to buyers globally. To make a purchase, the buyer simply goes to, to select the product they want to purchase. At the other end, the vendor will get an SMS notification informing them that their product has been purchased. The notification further advises them to transfer the product to the local agents for delivery to the buyer upon clearing the payment. Sasa Africa aims to promote equitable and distributed international trade for over 100,000 artisans by 2015 and to help eradicate economic discrimination against women.

-Nigeria-based ICT firm Hexanet Solutions has launched the first pay-per-click (PPC) website in Nigeria named that rewards users for clicking and viewing adverts placed on the site. Hexanet said the site will enable Nigerians who spend a lot of time surfing the Net to make some is based on the pay-per-click business model, which drives massive traffic from visitors who work from home. The site also creates opportunities for everyone who can access the website from work or anywhere, as long as they are connected to the Internet. On the mode of payment, users are free to make withdrawals of earnings any time they have earned a minimum of US$3 (approx N100).

- Last week’s DEMO-Africa event saw the launch of Apps4Africa, an annual competition that brings app developers from all corners of the continent and which has won support from the US government.