Glo Offers Flexible Hi-Speed Internet Packages in Nigeria


National telecoms operator, Globacom, has introduced new hi-speed internet packages which offer highly flexible usage options for subscribers on its 3G Plus HSDPA network.

Globacom which was the first network in Nigeria to commercially launch the 3G Plus technology said the Internet packs were designed to cater to different segments of the market. The company in a press statement said the new packages were the 24X7 Pack, the Day Pack, the Night Pack and the Weekend Pack.

The 24X7 packs is available for N19,500 (US$165) with one month free rental, adding that subsequent monthly rental is at N10,000 (US$85). The package offers up to 3GB of Internet access available at any time.

On the other hand, it further said, the Day Pack enables the subscriber to have internet connection from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and is sold for N15,500 (US$131) with N6,000 (US$51) monthly rental.

For the Night Pack which is sold for N14,500 (US$123) with monthly rental of N4,500 (US$38) , it disclosed the subscribers will enjoy internet access from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m, while the last package, the Weekend Pack, offers internet access from 9 p.m. on Friday to 9 a.m. on Monday. It is sold at N13,500 (US$115) and has a monthly rental of N4,000 (US$34).

Globacom also said that all the packages come with an HSDPA USB or PCMCIA modem and free first month rental. The company which boasts of the largest 3G HSDPA coverage in Lagos is also to commence 3G Plus services in other cities across Nigeria shortly.

"The four packages are meant to address different requirements. A businessman or corporate executive, for example, might need internet access only during the day. He might not want to take a 24/7 pack as he does not need access during the night. He would also want to pay less for day use," .

With Glo 3G Plus High Speed Internet Access, subscribers will be able to browse the full World Wide Web directly on their handsets' browser or laptops/ home computers at speeds of up to 3.6Mbps within the Glo 3G Plus coverage area. Subscribers are thus able to surf the internet at phenomenally fast speeds.

The usage, it was also learnt will be free during the time bands subject to the fair usage of that pack. However, there is a Pay As You Use rate of 5 kobo per kilobyte which applies when a subscriber exceeds the fair usage.