Tanzania: Demo Africa - Kivuko Brings Online Shopping to Tanzanians

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Kivuko is an online shopping gateway that enables vendors to sell and deliver products directly to customers throughout Tanzania.

How it began: "We Began by ordering products online and delivering to people in our community, for those who could not afford to travel, for example in China", says Amiri Mziray, co-founder, Kivuko.

They discovered that there was a real gap in Tanzania, for online shopping, and together with Nuru Muro, founded Kivuko.

Since then, the 2-year old company has since sold over 4000 products on the online shopping gateway, and moved over TShs150 million.

The online shopping gateway allows vendors to showcase their products to customers from different parts of Tanzania.

"These vendors wouldn't otherwise have any online presence as their shops are too small - Kivuko provides more reach for them," says Amir.

Kivuko delivers these products to customers in Tz, and once delivered, funds are transferred to these vendors; customers pay through mobile payments, or Cash on Delivery. Locally available products are delivered through local delivery channels such as - EMS, DHL, and Kivuko messenger delivery.

How they make money: Kivuko charges a 5% margin on each sale, through In-site advertising, and vendor fees.