Young Entrepreneur Launches Online Networking Village in Africa

Digital Content

Martin T. Mombeshora is announcing the launch of Afropreneur (, a free access social networking site that caters exclusively for entrepreneurs. Afropreneur is a unique web combination of community and content, providing users with information relevant to their specific interests. The site is set to be the ultimate online destination for continental and diasporan entrepreneurs who wish to invest in Africa.

As entrepreneurs play a crucial role on the development of the continent, the comprehensive social networking site aims to aggregate Africa's entrepreneurs from all walks of life and different disciplines on one platform. In turn, enabling members to offer support to each other. The site will also fill the void of a an online community focused on progress, enterprise and entrepreneurship.

The objective of is to promote and aid the connection of enterprising individuals by providing the necessary tools. As well as allowing people to connect, the website allows the sharing of media such as photos, videos, blogs and pod casts. is functional and has open registrations, however it is still in development. Additions will be made to the site as time progresses. Martin T. Mombeshora, the founder said, "We are continuously building the site with the development of functionality tailored specifically to our users changing needs and their feedback."

Mombeshora, is also optimistic about the impact that the web site will have, "We hope that will be fun, useful and will place users at the centre of their digital world." he added.