Government of the Union of Comoros Privatization of Comores Telecom Request for Expressions of Interest (« REoI»)


The Government of the Union of Comoros (“GoC”), represented by the
Ministry of Economy and Finance, is privatizing Comores Télécom («CT
»), its national telecommunication company. CT will undergo a
restructuring of its activities via the transfer of its primary assets
to a new legal entity (“Newco”) and 51% of the shares of the Newco
will be sold to a strategic equity investor, or a group of strategic
equity investors. The other shareholders will be GoC (34%), and CT’s
employees (15%).

The strategic investor(s) will be selected through an international
competitive bidding process.

Interested investors are invited to submit their Expression of
Interest (“EoI”), which should include a presentation of their
organization and a letter of motivation.

EoIs should be submitted in French or in English, clearly marked with
“EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FOR THE PRIVATIZATION OF COMORES TELECOM”, and sent by electronic mail to the contact people designated hereafter:

Mr. Oubeidi Mze Chei -

Permanent Secretary Economic and Financial Reforms Unit Ministry of Economy and Finance
Moroni, Union of Comores
abououbeidi (@)


Madame Ramatou Magagi

International Finance Corporation, IFC

Mrs. Ramatou Magagi Project Leader Washington DC, USA