Rwanda: Growing Up - Programmers Start Tackling Local Needs

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Software development is gradually leaving the embryonic stage in Rwanda; these days, local programmers are feverishly working to find home-grown IT solutions to local needs, notably in education and business.

23-year-old Lambert Kamaro, a computer sciences graduate from Ecole Technique SOS Herman Gmeiner in Kigali is one of them. He has created a software called Kamaro Point of Sale (KPOS) to manage inventory, design and print barcodes, calculate sales tax, track sales, suspend and resume transactions among other features. The software functions also as a basic cash register.

Kamaro is also among the founders of, a Kinyarwanda website that teaches and updates people about the latest news in tech world. It also functions as a tech community of more than 2,400 active members. It's through this website's free content that the developer, together with a growing team behind him, educates the community with hints and tutorials to enhance their computers' experiences as well as troubleshooting them in case of a technical problem.

He's now studying Business and ICT at Mount Kenya University, but he already started developing applications back in 2008. The idea of creating and designing KPOS came when he was still in high school. "I had noticed that points of sale in Rwanda are missing data management that can help them to fill different gaps in their business and increase their revenue," he says.

KPOS, which is his latest software, is a standalone desktop application although it is also available as a web version. It can be installed on all major operating systems - Windows, OS X and Linux - and is available in English, French and Kinyarwanda. He started working on it last December.

"When you know your sales, then you know your exact numbers; and when you know your numbers, then you know whether you are increasing or decreasing and where to correct. This software is helping to take control of your point of sale", says the developer. "This software will tell you when the inventory is low before you run out of stock, will help you to know what is in demand, to process sales faster, and avoid the long queue at the cashier, and it will also help you to manage cash movement in your shop/business".

Due to its simple user interface, and availability in 3 languages, it's very simple to learn how to use and master KPOS. If you're interested in it, and want to see how it works before buying, you can try out a demo.