Telecoms News in Brief


- According to unconfirmed local press reports, South Africa’s Vodacom Group has been ‘secretly’ awarded the country’s fourth mobile licence. However, communications minister Chris Yaluma has cast doubts over the rumours, telling IT Web Africa that the Zambian government ‘is still working on the modalities of awarding [the concession]’. Yaluma stressed that, if and when, the government decides to introduce a formal licence it will strive for greater transparency in the award process.

- Angolan mobile operator Unitel has continued its network expansion in outlying areas by extending coverage to the town of Luvo on the border with Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Luvo, in the municipality of Mbanza Congo (the capital of Zaire province in northern Angola), and another locality, Nkoko, have both received Unitel antennas with 30km radius, according to Agence Ecofin. Some residents of the area were previously forced to rely on services provided by operators based across the border in the DRC, with calls to Angolan networks charged at international rates.