North Africa: Facebook Campaign Reveals Arab Women Struggle


A Facebook page that goes by the name "The Uprising of Women in the Arab World" launched a two-week campaign on Sunday to expose the suffering of women.

"The campaign was launched in solidarity with all women who endured physical, psychological or sexual violence due to their gender, or were denied freedom, subjected to rape, female genital mutilation, forced marriage or any crime in the name of honor", said a statement on their page on Monday.

The "Tell your story" campaign aims to raise awareness on the subjection of women to injustice and violence in their daily lives, the statement said.

It added that "the scandal is in the criminal act, not the victim's reputation.

Administrators of the page called on interested members to send their stories through written text, photos, drawings or videos.

The group raised the motto, "Let's tell and tell stories to fill the world with our noise. The world must hear us so that we are liberated".

The page, with more than 65 thousand members, was established post the Arab Spring in October 2011, to create a venue for constructive dialogue that advocates women rights.