Caps on broadband Internet soon to be introduced in Namibia


Telecom Namibia's high-speed ADSL Internet system does not limit the amount of data that customers can download from the Internet - a loophole that many customers are exploiting. Telecom has kept the glitch quiet, not wanting to advertise the fact that people who pay for the cheapest ADSL service can have the same benefits as those who pay much more.

Telecom has been offering four ADSL packages since the beginning of the year. Under normal circumstances, customers can only download as much data as their specific package allows - a practice known as "data capping".

Telecom spokesman Oiva Angula admitted to The Namibian last week that the company did not want to inform its clients of the loophole because of potential abuse. "Obviously people have found out for themselves and downloading as much as they can 24/7 without restrictions.

This is causing us millions of dollars in losses because of our generosity," he said.

He said the abuse also causes a system overload that leads to slowdowns in the service. He said Telecom has implemented many new systems lately and to integrate ADSL with all these systems was a challenge.

"It won't last long, though. We intend to have the capping system in place by the end of the year and then customers will be limited to only what they are paying for," he said.

The Namibian