Liberia: Cellcom Reduces Internet Service

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Cellcom GSM Company has announced a drop in its tariff for the GPRS/ Edge internet service as the provider of the lowest rate in the internet service compared to other telephone companies in the country.

Previously, the Company charged U$49 monthly for the GPRS/Edge but is now charging U$20 compared to LoneStar's price of U$40.

The company sold the weekly package for US$15 is now US$6 compared to LoneStar's price of US12.

Announcing the reduction Tuesday at the headquarters of the company, the Chief Corporate Communications Strategist of Cellcom Dr. Kimmie L. Weeks said the GPRS/Edge has been running parallel to the company's new 4G network and that the company had recently taken the decision to reduce its rate in the EDGE.

This he said makes it affordable to Liberian across the country. He said the interesting about the GPRS/Edge is that it wirks with any phone that has internet capability making customers service convenient for those who are using the Cellcom Sim.

Weeks said customers could use GPRS/EDGE suing a regular Cellcom Sim and that the new tariffs were not a short term promotion, but instead the company's long term rates.

He said the services is part of Cellcom's contribution to the Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) initiated by the Liberia government.