Internet News - In Brief


- UUNET Kenya intends to spend Sh680 million to develop infrastructure and products compatible with the expected fibre optic network. "Rather than spend money investing between Fujairah and Mombasa, we have opted to invest the money in developing and preparing various products and solutions to run on the coming fibre optic cable," said Mr Omariba, the managing director of UUNET Kenya.

- Motorola Israel Limited (MIL), the arm of Motorola Inc which designs and develops products for worldwide marketing is looking at the possibility of providing countrywide connectivity for government offices in Sierra Leone.

- South African broadband provider iBurst has launched an ‘Office in a Box’ service aimed at SOHOs and SMEs. The company is offering three different packages which include either iBurst or ADSL connectivity, up to two cordless phones, up to two analogue phones, a reception phone, a lightning protection unit, two iCall telephone numbers and ZAR100 (USD12.43) worth of free calls.

- The Comium Group has announced that it has nine WiMAX licences in East and West Africa, including in the Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia and Burundi. The Comium Group is a Lebanese-owned telecoms company, chaired by Dr. Nizar Dalloul.