Vodacom among potential bidders for Zambia’s fourth mobile licence


More than five companies are considering bidding for Zambia’s fourth mobile network operator licence with the country’s communication, transport, works and supply minister, Chris Yaluma, cited as saying: ‘I can disclose that my ministry has received bids from over five telecom operators who have expressed interest in setting up a business in Zambia. Among them is Vodacom of South Africa.’ The identities of the other would-be bidders were not disclosed.

Yaluma meanwhile has confirmed that no decision has been made regarding the award of the concession, and has noted that other parties can still register their interest. However, before it can issue a new concession the Zambian government still needs to carry out a number of legal actions with a view to revoking existing regulations that block the introduction of a fourth mobile operator. Nonetheless, the minister has said that, once such matters have been resolved, the country could see the award of the licence and launch of a new cellco before the end of 2013.