Kenya: 400,000 More Suspensions Brings Safaricom's Unregistered to 1.2 Million SIMs


Safaricom Limited has suspended an additional 400, 000 unregistered lines in the 2nd phase of the deactivation exercise. This brings to 1.2 million the total number of lines disconnected so far in the exercise to comply with a government directive requiring the mandatory registration of all SIM cards operating within the country. Safaricom has in the last 9 days alone registered more than half a million lines making 87% of its subscriber base compliant.

Company CEO Bob Collymore said, "We invested over Kshs 100 million in publicity and awareness about SIM registration. This has contributed to our network having the highest percentage of compliant subscriber base."

Safaricom is conducting the de-activation exercise in phase to allow for the manual entry of data from subscribers and to also process the backlog from last minute registrations. The firm has advised affected subscribers to visit Safaricom shops and authorised dealer outlets to start the process of reinstatement.