Computer News - In Brief


- The Mozambican and South Korean governments have open an Information Access Centre in Maputo, which will give citizens access to basic computer services. The centre contains a training laboratory, a conference hall, and a room equipped with 65 computers providing Internet access. The South Korean government provided 500,000 US dollars to equip this centre, and to rehabilitate the building used.

- The Lagos state government has introduced a new electronic payment system (E-Pay). The new device will effectively bring government closer to the taxpayers. All the services can be done at the e-service point without going to Alausa. The card looks much like the bank's card and at each point, the system and application has a connection to the bank.

- A new e-learning curriculum aimed at African IT businesses includes thorough coverage of open source software such as Ubuntu Linux, IT security and e-business applications. The online training course, called Open source & more IT for African Business, was created by Information Technology in African Business and backed by the funds from the German federal ministry for economic co-operation and development.