Nigerian Regulator Sets Price Cap on Off-Net Text Messages

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Nigeria's telecoms regulator, the NCC has lowered the price cap for text messages sent to other networks by 60 percent. The new maximum rate has been set at N4.00 per SMS with effect from next week.

The regulator said that it had notified the network operators of the change earlier this month before making it public.

The NCC's Director, Legal and Regulatory Services, Ms. Josephine Amuwa said that "Having evaluated and analysed SMS traffic information provided by the operators, the commission noted that there was a general recognition that the cost of SMS is too high, especially in view of the interconnection rate of N1.02 (One Naira, Two Kobo Only) for SMS as determined by the Commission in 2009,"

The rate set by the regulator is also below that proposed by the mobile networks, who had wanted to be at least N4.00 per SMS.

The regulator did however agree not to set a price cap on text messages sent to international networks.