Zamtel sues over cable cut


Zamtel has sued Sable Transport for damaging its optic fibre cable along Katima Mulilo Road, causing loss of revenue amounting to over USD62, 000.

Zamtel said Sable Transport was conducting road works in the capital Lusaka’s Garden Compound and in the process damaged its underground optic fibre cables.

“On June 2012, Sable Transport was performing construction works and through its employees or agents caused damage to Zamtel underground cables,” reads part of the claim.

Zamtel said the damage resulted in service outage on Zamtel networks for two months and that the company had to restore service at a cost of over USD60,000.

“The damage resulted in service outage for two months on the Zamtel network and the company experienced revenue loss,” the claim reads.

The company is now claiming substantial damages and loss of revenue from Sable Transport.