UAE students launch wireless network in Kenya


Students from the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) in Dubai visited Kenya to connect a wireless internet network at an academic institute in a village.

Six final-year students studying Network Engineering at the women’s campus of HCT-Dubai were provided an opportunity to put their skills into practice and to test out concepts that they had learned in college in a real environment. The initiative was meant to help the students grasp professional development skills in a team environment as well as enable them to interact with people from different nationalities.

The college donated 20 laptops and 10 wireless devices to the academic institute and the students updated six computers with new software programmes. The main project centered on connecting a wireless internet network within an institute in one of the poorer villages in Kenya. The institute did not have the ability to execute this network on its own.

“I gained a great deal from travelling outside the country, it has many positives mostly due to the quality of education that we received in college, as we can now rely on ourselves and face difficult challenges in a multicultural environment and try to solve and overcome it in a real environment; we got a chance to be honorable ambassadors for our beloved country” said Rawda Al Balochi, one of the students who took part in the initiative.