Vodafone Egypt launches new data packages

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Amid ongoing political tension in Egypt and frustration over the recent hikes in Vodafone’s recharge tariffs, Vodafone Egypt has announced a new mobile Internet data bundle for USB modems, tablets and Mifi devices.

“Vodafone Super 25 offers 1.2GB for EGP 25, Vodafone Super Browser 50 comes with 3GB for EGP 50, Vodafone Super Streamer 100 offers 7GB for EGP 100, Vodafone Super Downloader 150 costs EGP 150 for 10GB, and Vodafone Super 250 Unlimited provides 18GB for EGP 250,” the company said.

After January’s increase of 15 percent on taxes applicable to users when recharging, Vodafone hopes this will help reduce some of the costs customers will incur when attempting to use mobile Internet on their personal devices.

“After consuming the bundle limit, the speed is reduced to 64Kbps. Customers can return to the top speed by buying another 1GB for EGP 20. Customers can subscribe over SMS to the new Super bundles and track their usage from a dedicated website,” the company said.

Analysts tell Bikyanews.com that while this is a welcome addition, it is unlikely to do much in terms of reducing frustration and costs for the average Egyptian using only a modest hand device.