Uganda: Tablets to Detect Fake Permits

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Face Technologies, the company contracted to print and issue computerised driving permits, has provided a new solution to eliminate forged driving permits.

The company has acquired and equipped the traffic police with the latest Samsung Tablets capable of linking to the computerised driving permits database. Using the mobile phone network system, the traffic enforcement personnel can instantly check the validity and authenticity of any driving permit.
By entering the permit number on the tablet, a connection is made with the database, and then a high resolution coloured picture of the permit is displayed. Nathan Tumushabe, the computerised driving permits project coordinator from the Ministry of Works and Transport said more tablets are being procured and will be given to traffic police to increase enforcement.

"We expect to drastically reduce the number of forged driving permits in circulation. It is drivers with forged permits that contribute to the rampant road accidents," Tumushabe said.