Nyanga residents march against man who posted nude pictures of woman on Facebook

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A group of women marched to a house in Mau-Mau, Nyanga, to confront a man they accuse of posting nude pictures of a woman, his girlfriend, on Facebook.

The woman’s face can be seen clearly in the two pictures. Since last week when the pictures surfaced, many people have been searching her on Facebook to catch a glimpse of the indecent exposure. The photographs have since been removed.

Asanda Yiyo, a Nyanga resident who participated in the march, said they started marching at 11am on Saturday. There were about 50 of them, with men also participating. Yiyo said the woman was notified about the pictures by her friends after they had seen them on Facebook. “When they phoned the woman’s cellphone, her boyfriend answered.”

“We marched to her boyfriend’s house, we stood there outside and told him to come out, but he never did. We then marched to the Nyanga police station where we demanded that a van accompany us to the man’s house and arrest him, but we were told that a case had already been opened. We did the march for support and to show the guy that what he did was unacceptable. Had the guy come out when we went to his place, we wouldn’t have done anything because we all agreed that there would be no violence. We probably would have taken him to the police station”, explained Yiyo.

When GroundUp contacted the woman, the calls went unanswered. But a resident who does not stay far from the her in Nyanga said she still sees her walking the streets and is not letting this situation bring her down.Source: Groundup