Ghana NCA issues three new mobile broadband licences


Ghana’s National Communications Authority (NCA) has awarded Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) licences in the 2500 – 2690 MHz band to Surfline Limited and GoldKey Properties Limited, as well as an unpaired configuration licence to G-Kwiknet Limited.Each licence, costing USD6 million, is valid for 10 years.

“BWA licences are intended to provide wireless broadband connectivity to subscribers and licensees are authorised to develop and operate broadband networks to provide nationwide BWA services,” NCA said.

The NCA said in a statement that the Licensee(s) and end-users shall be allowed to employ any suitable technology of their choice to provide fixed, nomadic or mobile broadband services throughout Ghana.

The NCA said nine applications had gone through the process: five for paired frequency configuration of 2 x 15MHz, and four for unpaired frequency configuration of 1 x 30MHz.