Tunis Based 'Francophone Digital Campus' Plans to Launch Four Distance Learning Masters in ICT


The Tunis Francophone Distance Campus is planning to launch its own Distance training programs. Inaugurated in 2002, it has so far provided courses designed by European universities.The Campus Director, Mejdi Ayari , has recently announced that the first Masters course will be operational in 2008-2009. Entitled "E-Services International", it has been designed by the November 7 University, at Carthage.

Three other MA courses will also be operational in 2009-2010, they will consist of a course dubbed "Quality and quality management in the sector of Health", by the University of Monastir, "Ecotourism", which has been designed by University of Jendouba and finally "Urban planning , governance and sustainable development of urban territories in the Maghreb" by the November 7 University at Carthage.

These three Master courses which have all been approved by the Francophone University Agency, will be launched on line as soon as the agreement of the Tunisian Council of Universities is been given.

The Tunis based "Francophone Digital Campus" is part of a network of 30 campuses run by the Francophone University Agency, based in Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean and South East Asia. It organizes and promotes Distance or on campus training cycles using ICT.

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