Google supports internet in Africa with NSRC, ISOC


Google has announced its collaboration with two network-driven companies in an attempt to make internet more accessible and effective in sub-Saharan Africa. The company will give USD 3.1 million to the Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC) for the development of network engineering expertise in local universities and national and education networks in sub-Saharan Africa "to help bring the next billion online".

Laboratories and training programmes will be launched by the NSRC for network planning, management and operations to help bring the students and staff of more than 50 institutions new skills. Another USD 1.3 million will be provided to the Internet Society (ISOC) for the improvement and setup of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) in emerging markets. An ISOC toolkit, for the creation, build and improvement of IXPs, including an industry portal, is also in the pipeline.