Mfw4a consultative workshop 2013 aitec banking & mobile money west africa conference

Mergers, Acquisitions and Financial Results

Making Finance Work for Africa (MFW4A) has announced its participation in the sixth annual AITEC Banking & Mobile Money West Africa conference, to be held over two days from March 13 to 14 in Lagos, Nigeria.

In line with this year’s conference theme “Consolidating and Monetizing the Gains of Innovation”, MFW4A is organizing a consultative workshop on March 14, aimed at providing a common platform for its Mobile Banking Donor Working Group (MB-DWG) members, to showcase their organizations’ interventions on Mobile Technology in order to increase access to finance in Africa.

MFW4A and the MB-DWG members have been strongly involved in enhancing the development of mobile financial services in Africa. Guided by one of the recommendations arising from the MFW4A Book “Financing Africa: Through the Crisis and Beyond”, which encouraged the development of mobile technology as an important transformational model, MFW4A launched the MB-DWG initiative in July 2011 in collaboration with CGAP to promote closer collaboration and strengthen joint co-ordination with its members.

Welcoming the opportunity to participate in the AITEC conference in Lagos, Stefan Nalletamby, MFW4A Partnership Coordinator, said: “In the recent past, the landscape of African financial sectors has changed significantly. Mobile banking innovation is especially important in Africa where it is enabling to leapfrog a number of infrastructure constraints.  In Nigeria alone, there are over 90 million mobile subscribers, and mobile banking solutions have the potential to significantly impact financial inclusion in that country.”

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