Telecel reduces price of 3G modems to US $30

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Telecel Zimbabwe Telecel announced last week via an SMS to subscribers the reduction of its 3G modems price from US $45 to $30. Subscribers will also get 300mb of data along with a new modem. We’re told it’s a promotion, which means the deal has an expiry date. Usually it’s a month or two. Promo or not, this is a great deal for those of you without 3G modems.

Just to compare, Econet Wireless, sells similar modems for $38 and gives 25mb of data for 6 months. The data is roughly half of what Telecel is offering with the promo. The Telecel modems are also not network locked so it’s a great deal through and through for those of you not too fond of network loyalty.

The launch of mobile broadband services available via dongles opened up an opportunity for lower cost broadband setup fees. Before the dongles, getting internet connection at home or home business mean spending upwards of $300 on UHF Radio or WiMax customer premise equipment. Such steep amounts virtually excluded the low income individuals from accessing the internet.
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