MWEB hosts local Dota 2 server Local server puts Africa on the map


South Africa’s biggest gaming service provider MWEB Gaming has launched local Dota 2 servers into the test build with the Valve Corporation, an American video game development and digital distribution company. MWEB is awaiting confirmation from Valve as to when it will be deployed into the full build, which could be as early as tomorrow. As well as figuratively putting African gaming on the gaming map, a “South Africa” region will be added to the game, literally putting our continent on the map alongside Europe, North America and Asia.

Dota 2 is one of the biggest online titles internationally, with occasions of up to 297,000 players online at the same time in spite of the fact that it is still in Beta. Proving it has an equally impressive South African following, 29 teams competed in the MWEB Dota 2 Inaugural Cup held last year in July. It is a highly team-oriented multiplayer online battle arena game, where players must coordinate with their teams in order to achieve victory. Reaction speed is a priority and the local servers will mean that finally SA gamers will be able to show off their agility and reflexes.