Cloud-based accounting programme launched

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Pastel Software Zimbabwe, in partnership with Utande, on Tuesday launched Sage Pastel My Business Online, a cloud-based accounting programme designed for start-up and small businesses.

The programme enables businesses to access and work on their accounts online from anywhere in the world.

This is the first cloud-computing accounting programme in Zimbabwe, enabling small businesses to store their accounts information ‘in the cloud’ rather than on their office computer, making it accessible to them anywhere where there is Internet connection.

Pastel Software Zimbabwe, the distributor of Sage Pastel accounting software, is providing the “My Business online” programme, while Internet service provider Utande is the host partner.

My Business Online, South Africa-based Sage Pastel managing director Steven Cohen, said My Business Online worked in the same way that Facebook does.
“With Facebook you can log in from home, office or the moon, if you ever decide to go there,” he said.

“My Business Online works in the same way. Even if your computer gets stolen you can still log in.”

Dandemutande chief technical officer Collin Franco explained that “cloud” was simply another name for Internet, which he said was every marketer’s dream tool. He said because of stiff competition, it was essential that every company has an online presence.

Franco said the Internet had the advantage of being dynamic, interactive and attractive to customers.

“If you want to be part of the growth, embrace the Internet,” he said. “It is useful, influential in daily life and has a place in daily strategy.”