Telecel introduces Broadband Plus

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TELECEL Zimbabwe has introduced Telecel Broadband Plus and is giving subscribers double the data they pay for when they buy data bundles worth $10 or more.

It is also giving away 300 megabyte of data and 30 text messages with its dongle.

If a bundle is renewed within 30 days, the account will be credited with another 100% bonus.

In a statement the company said the new data service comes with four bundles — Compact, Lite, Standard and Heavy.

“In the past, data was regarded as a luxury and seen as a privilege of the elite.
“That has changed. People from all walks of life are now using data for different reasons.
“Access to the Internet has become universal and essential for all people,” Telecel Zimbabwe’s data services & terminals supervisor Chenai Penduka said.

“More and more people are now using data than ever before, many of them accessing it on their mobile phone.
“They are not just accessing the Internet for fun or leisure, but for communication and research.

“This is why we launched Telecel Broadband Plus, which provides data bundles cheaply for everyone, whether they are light, moderate or heavy users.”