10KWEB Moves into French West Africa


Internet start-up, 10KWEB, is pleased to announce the addition of Burkina Faso in French West Africa to its global family network. This marks the latest country in Africa to join 10KWEB following Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Ghana and the Ivory Coast.

The team operates out of the town of Bobo Dioulasso which is the second largest city in the country of Burkina Faso with a population of over five hundred and thirty thousand people. Its primary economic sources consist of agriculture, textiles and the service industry. Since 2000 the area has enjoyed a population and economic growth spurt due to civil unrest in the surrounding countries and the government’s reinvestment in the city. It is the site of the new West African Centre for Economic and Social Studies, a college which is the central component in what will be the country’s second university.

10KWEB Co-Founder, Anthony Martins, is excited for this new addition because as he puts it, “It is proof of positive word of mouth. Regardless of language or cultural barriers, people recognize opportunity when they see it. And 10KWEB is happy to offer the folks in Bobo Dioulasso that opportunity.”

10KWEB was created January 2012 by Anthony Martins and Thomas Bang as an online resource for aspiring blog writers and small business owners. Their website launched on March 5th, 2012 and is currently used in the United States, Mexico, Great Britain, Germany, China, Morocco, Trinidad, Italy and New Zealand with more markets in development.