Loggu 4G to provide affordable uncapped internet access in Ghana


Ghanaian start-up, Loggu 4G Ghana Limited is gearing up to start offering uncapped, unmetered and affordable high speed internet service in Ghana.

Founder of Loggu 4G, Gershon Adeklo told Adom Business they have already secured some US$200,000 guaranteed loan from a US EXIM Bank to set up the network to run their broadband service in the next two month though an innovative business model.

The ITU (International Telecommunications Union) estimates that between 2010 and 2011, broadband access in Ghana grew from 7% to 23%, but that still leaves the broadband market in Ghana widely open.

Meanwhile, a 2012 World Bank study estimates that effective broadband development will create between 2.5 and 4 additional jobs per broadband job and that 10 percent broadband penetration can increase a country's GDP by 1.5 percent.

Telecom operators and ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are therefore gearing up to cash in the huge opportunity and also to create jobs and help the country realize the additional GDP growth.

Adeklo said Loggu 4G has noticed the biggest challenge to internet penetration in Africa and in Ghana is lack of access devices such as laptops and tablets.

He said Loggu has therefore adopted a business model that would provide prospective customers with laptops as a package with the affordable broadband services on the back of bandwidth from MainOne Cable Company’s fibre optic facility.

Adeklo said Loggu 4G has obtained guarantees from Togolese-based ECOWAS Guarantee Fund and Nairobi-based African Guarantee Fund to secure the $200,000 loan from USA EXIM Bank.

He said the company is currently in talks with two local companies to secure about 500 laptops for the business.

“We would be renting out the laptops to our customers on short-term basis. This means a student who needs a laptop with broadband for research and typing would have to just walk to our office, fill an application form and provide his bio-data. We then review the application and sign a minimum of three hours contract with the customer,” he said.

The young Internet Entrepreneur said Loggu 4G has measures and systems in place to retrieve the laptops in case a customer does not return it or it is stolen.

He explained that Loggu is able to track and mine data from the system even if the laptop is taken to the remotest part of the world or if the hard drive is replaced or formatted.

“Intel has shown interest in our model, but they need proof of its success so we are currently using Ho in the Volta Region as our pilot phase before rolling out across the country,” he said.

Adeklo said Loggu would ultimately target universities, junior and senior high schools, individual professionals, medium and small scale industries as well as homes with its innovative services to help bridge the digital divide. .

He said Loggu 4G also plans on offering value added services (VAS) and multimedia services, using broadband wireless networks, based on globally standardized 4G technology.

The young Internet Entrepreneur said some of the products and services as internet access, hosting and email addresses, among other services, adding that the network design provides fixed and nomadic wireless connectivity for the home and office, as well as mobile services to customers.