Angola launches Infrasat to extend national voice, data and TV coverage


The Angolan head of State, José Eduardo dos Santos inaugurated new national satellite coverage of the country through a new company called Infrasat. The company is a business unit of incumbent Angola Telecom but will be operated independently. The project is the brainchild of the Inter-ministerial Commission for the Overall Coordination of the Multi-Sectoral Telecommunications.

Infrasat will offer:

* NetSat, which will take telephony and Internet to remote areas, using VSAT and solar energy;

* TrunkSat, which will offer support to telecommunications operators by increasing connectivity capacity. CDMA and GSM operators will be able to expand their reach to any place in the country.

* DTH services, will bring bouquets with multiple national and international radio and television channels, offering a greater variety of channels in Portuguese and serving to promote the local audiovisual production.

* remote surveillance facilities for services providing camera surveillance;

The system was inaugurated with a demonstration of a televideo conference linking up a hospital, a school and a military base in three different provinces.

174 KU band Vsat have so far been installed in the country. This is part of the 2,301 to be installed under the first phase of the project, to the benefit of 759 localities.

Angola Press Agency