Signalhorn Completes Installation of Over 400 Point of Sale Sites in South Africa

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Signalhorn has completed the rollout of over 400 point of sale (PoS) sites which service a global fuel retailer’s South African network. This global fuel retailer benefits from Signalhorn’s hybrid solution which utilizes DSL, 3G, and VSAT technologies to deliver cost-effective and fail-safe communications.

 This Signalhorn customer is one of the world's leading oil and gas companies and fuel retailers. With retail presence across South Africa and the world, the company requires a robust and global solution that can be rolled out country by country, guaranteeing the same network quality of service to support secure transactions. Signalhorn, with its global reach, operating experience, and proven expertise, has successfully rolled out the more than 400 South African retail sites and also provides the complete end-to-end managed service in support of the network.

The two companies achieved this expansion objective two months ahead of schedule in spite of infrastructure challenges in South Africa. For years, Signalhorn has been solving regional service issues for customers including special license acquisitions, pertinent security and risk measures, as well as necessary qualifications and training to ensure uninterrupted service and connectivity for customers regardless of location or situation.   

“Our retail customers rely on debit and credit card transactions for their day-to-day business. The connectivity between point of sale site and headquarters must be up and running at all times,” explains Helmut Böttcher, Signalhorn VP Enterprise Sales. “In Africa, the only communications technology that covers 100% of the continent is satellite. 3G covers 20%, DSL at most 10%. We optimize our customers’ networks based on a combination of the technologies available and we have the talent and global expertise internally to design, build, install, and maintain such large networks,” continues Mr. Böttcher.

“Through working with various global retail customers, Signalhorn learned that DSL and 3G are either not available for all sites, are often unreliable, or are not available with a defined Service Level Agreement from other operators or providers,” says Robert Kubbernus, Signalhorn President & CEO. “Therefore, Signalhorn designed a solution that addresses these issues by combining standard building blocks (VSAT, DSL, and 3G) into a robust solution based on European quality standards supported by a Signalhorn SLA.  With around 10,000 locations now benefiting from our managed services, we are looking forward to the further expansion of this highly reliable offering by Signalhorn,” continues Mr. Kubbernus.