Canada to Build 300 Multimedia Centres in Cameroon


Cameroon's Information and Communication Technology will in a few years ahead witness a significant transformation, following the signing yesterday of two new agreements between the government, represented by the Minister of State for Posts and Telecommunications, Maigari Bello Bouba and the Mobile Money Cameroon consortium in the present of the Canadian High Commissioner to Cameroon, Jean Pierre Lavoie on the one hand and Cameroon and South Korea on the other.

The first agreement is expected to usher in a new set of multimedia centres, 300 of them, in the rural areas. According to the terms of the agreement, the centres will be constructed on or before 2015. The multimedia centres are tool for the development of rural areas. They are expected to facilitate communication, render it cheaper and easier for the rural masses. The private centres that Canada will construct will provide jobs for over 900 rural people, mostly women.

The second agreement will enable the South Korean government to bring in a new security device for carrying electronic business more efficiently and at low cost. The Public Key Infrastructure will therefore be installed and this will necessitate three things: a certification authority, a registration authority and a technical architecture made up of server, computers etc.

The certificate to be delivered by the certification authority will be used in signing documents digitally to authenticate documents sent by e-mail.

Cameroon Tribune