Zain Awards Interconnect Management Contract to Basset


Zain has awarded a contract to Basset, for the supply of a full Interconnect solution, covering interconnect billing, routing optimization and trading for the wholesale market. Basset has previously worked with Zain in Jordan and Africa.

Basset said that important factors in Zain Group's decision process were the identification of a platform in which all involved parts of the organization are able to work together as a team in one system; from interconnect billing and routing functions to quality management.

Khalid El Hajji, VP & Regional Account Director for Basset MEA said: "As operators grow, the wholesale business either becomes an important revenue-generator, or an expensive cost center. Interconnect by Basset offers all operators - local, regional and global - the opportunity to optimize their carrier-to-carrier billing and settlements processes and we are proud for the confidence put in us and our technology by Zain Group in yet another strategic project."