MTN Nigeria Commits to Network Upgrades

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MTN's Nigerian subsidiary has restated that it is working to improve the quality of its network performance following repeated complaints from customers.

All the major mobile networks are under pressure to improve their network quality, although they also cite the difficulties of operating in parts of the country with terrorism or capricious local officials.

MTN Nigeria's Public Relations and Protocol Manager, Funso Aina, said MTN Nigeria would continue investing in the network and installing new base stations across the country.

"To date, 4,700 base stations have been modernised and upgraded. We are in the final stages of the project and we expect to have modernized 5 500 base stations at its conclusion," said Aina.

"However, the infrastructural and environmental challenges which impede consistent quality of service remainand this will continue to impact the full realisation of the benefits of increased roll out," Aina said.

The company is also suffering from attacks on its base stations in parts of the country by the Boko Haram terrorist group with disrupt services. The network operators recently called on the national government to classify the telecoms networks as essential services so that the police will be more responsive to dealing with attacks.