KDN rolls out Tanzanian fibre network link


Kenya Data Networks (KDN), a subsidiary of Mauritius-based Liquid Telecom Group, has deployed fibre-optic networks in Tanzania, extending connectivity to the East African capitals of Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Kampala and Kigali via a single optical fibre network. In a press release, KDN said that the latest extension spans 120km, and runs from the capital Nairobi to the town of Namanga on the Kenya-Tanzania border.

KDN says the latest deployment will improve capacity and reduce latency for its end users (down from over 400ms to nearer 50ms) by keeping African traffic in Africa. The operator’s customer base includes ISPs, telecoms carriers, business and residential users, and government bodies.

Liquid Telecom Group has built Africa’s largest fibre network spanning over 13,000km from the north of Uganda to Cape Town on a single thread. The latest Nairobi-Namanga section provides capacity of multiple STM-64s and will be operational and available to KDN and Liquid Telecom customers in August this year.

Burundi mobile phone subscriptions leap 17%

Increasing competition between Burundi's mobile phone operators helped to boost the number of subscriptions in the country by 17 percent last year, telecoms regulator ARCT said on Wednesday.

Mobile phone subscriptions in the central African country rose to 2.24 million in 2012 as competition between the five operators reduced prices.

Constaque Hakizimana, who is in charge of mobile networks at ARCT, said the cell phone had become a basic need for many, thanks in part to cheap internet browsing and additional services such as money transfers.

The coffee-producing nation of more than 8 million people had only 270,000 mobile phone users in 2007. Hakizimana said that subscriber numbers are expected to keep growing but he did not provide a specific forecast.