Somaliland: Telecom Growth Rate is Three Times Greater Than Ethiopia


The use of Skype and Google talk are limited and tightly monitored in Ethiopia with Ethio Telecom, formerly the Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation (ETC) the sole Government controlled telecom.

In contrast, Somaliland and Somalia offer some of the most technologically advanced and competitively priced telecommunications and internet services in the world.

Somalia telecoms offer many services that are not even available throughout the continent. Customers can conduct money transfers (such as through the popular Dahabshiil) and other banking activities via mobile phones, as well as easily gain wireless Internet accessInternet accessInternet access.There are over 20 telecom companies in Somalia and they offer the cheapest and clearest phone calls in Africa. There are presently around 25 mainlines per 1,000 persons, and the local availability of telephone lines (tele-density) is higher than in neighboring countries; three times greater than in adjacent Ethiopia.

As of 2012, Somalia has around 186 internet hosts. There were about 106,000 online users in the country in 2009.